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About Us

How it all began

Madina Masjid is one of the oldest, most multicultural mosques in East Ham. The mosque was established in 1978 by late Sheikh Abdul Rahman, Haji Bashir Ahmed and Wali Adam Patel. May Allah grant them a place in Jannatul Firdaus, Ameen.

The primary motive for constructing the mosque was because the Muslim community was growing rapidly in East Ham and the surrounding area. Therefore, it was very important to have a local mosque for the growing Muslim community to get together in congregation and have a place to pray.

Madina Masjid very quickly noticed that the number of young Muslims in the area was increasing immeasurably and introduced its own Madrasah (religious education). In our madrasah you learn the Quran, Hadiths of our beloved prophet, Islamic education and much more. Alhamdullilah the madrasah is still running till date.

Since then Madina Masjid has introduced many initiatives such as Islamic talks, events, Laylat al-Qadr and sisters circle.

Madina Masjid is 100% run by people’s donations. By the grace of Allah, we hope that Muslims continue to come together and donate to Madina Masjid, the house of Allah.

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